Young & Stacked Kim Velez

Young & Stacked Kim Velez

Our team discovered a secluded location near the mountains to photograph 22-year-old Colombian stunner Kim Velez, a brunette hair honey bunny with a glamorous body and incredible boobs. Kim’s prominent areolae are extra-special–very big and dark-skinned. This babe can also self-suck her knockers. When this babe does that, that babe gives a little smile, a gleam in her eyes.

Kim’s taut, shoulder-less costume is not the kind of outfit that babe would usually wear when this babe goes out. It might be too revealing to wear in public. “I usually do not dress hawt when I go out,” said Kim, a web digital camera model. “My titties receive tons of attention in any case.”

Kim Velez has a very hawt personality yet appears to be timid at the same time. Our team loved filming her in lush surroundings. The slow motion in parts of the clip are astonishing.

“What I want to do in the future is a lot of traveling. I would adore to visit France, Italy and Austria. I hope that my glamour modeling will give me that opportunity.”

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