Valory & Her Twin Wonders

Valory & Her Twin Wonders

The perfect day for Valory Irene? Valory knows exactly what she can’t live without to do and where to go.

“My idea of a perfect free day and night…in the morning, I usually exercise. I adore to do tons of upper-body exercises and I may run with friends.

“In the afternoon, I may go to the spa and pamper myself. Or I shop. I adore to shop. If I hadn’t gone to the mall that one day, I wouldn’t at any time have become a model. It happened by total chance.

“In the evening, I may cook for my family and allies. I also love spending time with my friends outside. We may go to a bar or cafe to have a diminutive in number glasses of wine. Sometimes we will go to a nightclub for dancing. I adore to dance.”

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