Ultra Hotty 2

Ultra Girl 2

Brook Ultra‘s ultra-sexy outfit is not meant to be worn when among the general populace. It is adore a sexy space-girl outfit with a touch of Asian bang-’em style, and the pasties with attached tassels add a touch of the burlesque dancer. Brook twirls the tassels by boob motion. If merely there was a way to convert that kinetic breast force into electricity.

Brook gets comfy on the ottoman, unstrings her a-hole bottoms, peels off her G-string belts and prepares to spank her smooth, extremely pink taco. She takes a bulbously-shaped fuck toy, turns it on and inserts it into her twat. Pulling it out, Brook lowers the toy and sticks it straight into her puckered chocolate hole, not quite to the hilt.

Brook studiously extracts the toy from her a-hole, sticks it inside her slit afresh and starts banging herself with it, getting it in just as unfathomable as it was in her wazoo. She takes it out to rub her clit and angel-wings, the vibrations sending tingles of joy through her goddess zone. Brook alternates betwixt her butt and her vagina in what is one of the hottest toy reveals ever. And she might have likewise scored a record for deepest insertion.

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