Unsurpassable Summer Sinn Part 1

Ultimate Summer Sinn Part 1

Summer‘s body was made for sinning. Our SCORE Classic is the episode Supreme Summer Sinn, starring the one and only Summer Sinn of Boston and a SCORE mainstay since that babe initially debuted in February 2005 SCORE magazine. There’re not lots of entries in the Unsurpassable series. Obviously Summer rates high with SCORE Fellows. Since then this babe has appeared in a slew of SCORE DVDs. A sensational hardcore entertainer, Summer has done the wild thing regularly since that babe hit SCORE in 2005. In part 1 of Ultimate, Summer checks into her Miami Beach hotel and despite the traveling, she needs an big O to unwind and chill. Airport security fellows, if not security women, have to adore it when Summer is traveling. “They don’t truly strip-search me, but one time, my areola ring made the alarm go off, and they had to chase me,” Summer said. Nice work if u can get it! “They thought I was hiding smth between my bazookas, so I had to lift ’em and pull ’em apart. A female searched me. Two babes.” Miss Sinn wears a 34GG undergarment and is Fourty three inches across the bend. And keep in mind she’s only 5’2″ without her lengthy heels. With no fellows or beauties at hand in her hotel room to satisfy her, Summer takes matters into her own hands until this babe can hook up. She oils up her mammoth hooters and extracts her giant rubber ramrod from her suitcase. Her seize needs a fill-up, bad. Summer is merely getting warmed up! It is banging hawt in Florida! When Summer‘s in city, that is!

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