Juicy T-shirt Boinking

Wet T-shirt Boinking

In this sleazy warehouse, Trish Bailey prepares for a private luscious T-shirt unveil. The icy cold water makes her areolas unbending and at attention. Large Pecker Tony cant await to spear Trish with his glossy meat-thermometer when the opening festivities give way to sex. They begin with nipple engulfing… ‘cuz her greater than run of the mill bazoomas merit to be sucked and squeezed as much as possible, every day and night. Then it is time for Trish to use her throat, tongue, lips and big pantoons on him. Holes are ripped in her tee for more fantastic tit-fucking traction. These mammaries were made for tit-fucking. Tony is greedy and urges it all from this sweetheart. That man needs her vagina, open and wet for his pumper. No one will watch ’em fucking in this building. Tony’s made sure of that. He’ll copulate her all night if that buck feels like it. And Trish desires as much trouser-meat as she can receive. She’s gone with him to this desolate place ‘coz she knows that guy can deliver the beef. Trish loves to play ribald hotty games with a filthy dude.

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