3 The Unbending Way

Three The Unyielding Way

When Dellon sees Natasha Sweet talking on her phone whilst waiting for gentlemen to approach her, this chab yells, “Even her love muffins have milk shakes!” That gent and his bro Max were out looking for a gal with large breasts to party with. Max told he knew a street populated by hookers with king-size titties. They drove over and sure enough, there’s the remarkable Natasha Sweet, ripe for the plucking.

Natasha walks over to their car. She cant speak fluent English but she doesn’t have to. Dellon and Max go potty over her. That is the ordinary effect that babe has on boyz, and when he is a diehard tit-man, they go even crazier. Natasha is ready for some fuck fun right away and a two-guy sausage party is worthy with her.

After they drive Natasha back to their pad, this babe is on their dicks as pretty soon as they walk in. Each ladies man takes a breast and gets busy mouthing and licking it. Natasha sucks and jerks every jock, taking turns with her lips and hands. The guys frantically aid her strip so they can stretch her out on the ottoman, one man to pump her soaked cookie, the other to acquire his banging schlong and balls blown by her adept throat. Then they switch sides. Natasha is one spectacular specimen of a mistress and gushes hawt sex. They’ll be wiped out and drained dry by the time she gets done with ’em.

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