The Victoria Lobov Flaunt

The Victoria Lobov Show

Victoria Lobov is a hawt blonde WILF with a boyfriend who, naturally, loves to take pictures and episodes of her. It is more than a hobby for the lucky guys married to stacked and sexy wives adore Shelby Gibson and Kelly Christiansen.

One of the topics that Victoria commented about with SCORE and Fourty something magazine editor Dave was boobs, our favourite subject.

“I was a B-cup. I started off with 350ccs. That was my 1st surgery back in Canada. Then my second surgery I went to silicone, and the almost any you can receive is 800ccs. My 3rd one is saline and they’re 1400ccs. It was always my man’s idea. But I always thought it was a worthy idea as well. I adore it likewise. I’m a 34G. I might go larger. I’m thinking 1900ccs.

“Big breasts look captivating. My suit fits perfectly. If my weight fluctuates, they still stay the same. I don’t receive to worry about losing my bosoms. Attention. People admire you. Some folks execrate you. Sweethearts, they judge sometimes. Males appreciate the stunner.”

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