The Post-Pregnant Sex Flaunt

The Post-Pregnant Sex Show

If u are lactose intolerant, please be aware that there’s intend to be plenty of milking going on. Shyla Timid has been a frequent visitor to SCORELAND during her pregnancy. We photographed Shyla when this babe was seven months knocked-up. We photographed Shyla when she was seven months doing what led to her getting preggy in the first place. (In other words, getting screwed.) We photographed Shyla at over eight months preggy and sporting a giant belly bump. Her bump was so biggest, we not quite expected twins. We were stuck to Shyla so much, we were willing to enter the delivery room with her or maybe even deliver the kid in the SCORE studio. Luckily that did not happen. And now after popping out her little bundle of fun, Shyla is back and sexually excited again for the high hard one, her after-baby body ready for the pipe. Shyla has a stomach pooch from baby cool and her bigger than run of the mill bosoms are enormous from carrying all that mom milk. This time, since her funbags are now full of knocker-nectar, Shyla and her pipe provider Carlos are plan to squeeze her teats and milk those plump hooters worthy during the time that they play the old in and out. Tit for tat, Shyla acquires a delivery of man-milk on her face after her mouth and bawdy cleft are well-plowed. Shyla is a true HORNY HOUSEWIFE dairy queen and a Voluptuous fertility mistresse.

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