The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

The Girl-Next-Door Named Amie Taylor

“Other beauties might be jealous of my pantoons, but if they are, they don’t say anything bad to me,” Amie Taylor said. “They are very heavy so I wear a undergarment not quite all of the time. At home, I do not wear one.”

Amie wears a 36G-cup undergarment. Her jiggly and jubilant jugs almost bust the straps on an average brassiere so that babe has to shop carefully to identify ones that provide the right support and comfort.

“I do not wear a undergarment when I’m home. When I go out, I always put one on.” Amie’s brassiere in this scene can’t keep her side breast valley from spilling with out the sides. They wanna break free. Amie told she has no specific talents but we disagree. She’s loaded with talent.

Amie is one of the many reasons that Romania is overtaking the Czechia as the #1 destination spot for boob-spotting. Four of the eight gals in the North Coast SCORELAND special are Romanians.

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