The Fantasies of Ana Montes

The Fantasies of Ana Montes

Ana Montes loves masturbation.

“I have to admit that masturbation satisfies me more worthy cuz although I like oral-stimulation, vaginal and anal invasion, almost any of my carnal partners have been selfish in couch. They’ve been those who seek more pleasure than mine or who are very idle in sofa and let me do all the work. But, nevertheless, I have too had priceless erotic partners. Even so, I like masturbation more ‘cuz I can make sure to always reach my sexual satisfaction.”

Ana spoken about her sexual trigger points.

“I love to expect at least 2 months to have a different carnal boyfriend. When I’ve a regular partner, I love sex two or three times a week, and when I am single, I masturbate each evening. My beloved erotic positions are doggie and on my side. It excites me when a spouse plays with my melons. It gives me great joy to be sucked hard and I adore it when he bites me.

“It fascinates me when that smooth operator kisses me so much on my mouth and on the body, especially on the neck and underneath the ear where one of my erogenous points are. I have fun penetrating my wet crack with my own fingers previous to my partner kisses me, gives me small bites on the back of my neck and shoulders, and permeates me with his knob.”

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