The Knockers Race Is Always To The Swift

The Scones Race Is Always To The Swift

Krystal Swift came our way and now she’s cuming your way all the way from Prague, a town in a country where hawt, big-boobed honeys are kooky to get into stripped adult modeling and sex-o-graphic movies. When they have big bosoms, our radar switches on. “When I saw a porn movie for the 1st time, I wanted to try it myself,” Krystal told our photographer. “I practiced with boyfriends in my bedroom and looked at myself in the mirror so I could watch what I thought that people at home watching me would watch. I love lots of sex in any case, carefree sex for joy and I think about sex a lot, maybe more than other cuties my age.” One of the newer generation of beauties who are fans themselves of porn and do not expect months or years to play rigid ball, Krystal was all-in quickly one time that babe made her mind up. “Krystal is an unbelievably impressive lady, has a attractive face, an amazingly ideal body, and her juggs are wondrous, and when a dish adore this takes a load in that enchanting throat and pointer sisters, damn is all I can say,” writes Jimbo who saw a Krystal’s scene at “Please give us much more of this angel, that babe is great.” The smooth way Krystal handles herself taking care of this buck unveils a gal who receives all the act that babe wants and a lot of practice in fucking. Chalk up another victory for this diminutive nation (population 10 million) in the International Mangos Race. Thanks, Krystal Swift.

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