Terry’s Underneath garment Hang-up

Terry's Undergarment Hang-up

With all the humping Terry Nova does, it’s a wonder that babe has any time for laundry. However, she did oblige this once. A head-spinner with a dreamy, sleepy-eyed look most of the time, Terry begins her brassiere adventure wearing a constricted blue T-shirt that makes her mellons look gigantic, which, in fact, they certainly are, and a teeny little pink petticoat. Nearly, but not completely overlooked about Terry are her powerful, buxom legs, thick, but not overly thick haunches and her very slap-worthy wazoo cheeks, very meaty and full. Terry examines some of the C and D-cup bras and mocks ’em, her own mams safely tucked away in an F-cup. But not for lengthy. That babe tries on a dunky in number bras, or tries to try ’em on, then abandons the laundry for a quickie with a pussy-toy. Now if you were going out with Terry and she was doing this in your backyard, there would be only one thing to do. Pull up a lawn chair, pop a can, and supervise Terry. Coz this girl does need careful tending. After she’d warmed up, you’d have no choice but to take her inside and screw her brains out.

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