Naked At The Bar

Bare At The Bar

At SCORE we don’t often gulp beer but when we do, we swallow it with hawt chicks adore Terry Nova. This babe likewise happens to be an expert bartender. After all, this babe is Czech, where brewing beer is in their DNA. Very handy with a cocktail and a corkscrew too as you’ve observed many times. Problem is, Terry not at all gets any work done at the bar. She’s also busy taking off her clothes and messing around with bottles and marital-devices to sell any drinks. She’s shaken and stirred. Likewise Terry’s very messy drinking beer. Half of it spills all over her mounds when this babe drinks. We suspect that this babe does this on purpose to attract attention. But that’s worthwhile. This establishment does not need a bar rescue. Terry knows exactly how to pour it on.

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