Sweater Buster

Sweater Buster

Minka exposes how that babe stretches out tight sweaters in this layout. The matching clip is part of the DVD Breasty Sex tool Lovers 4. It is 2002 and Minka exudes confidence and assurance of her powers. But that was not the case in the beginning.

“The first time I was on a adept stage was In New York at New York Dolls. Just topless. I had to wear a G-string. I didn’t have any costumes. I was wearing army handsome clothes. Facile. But the fellows threw money! The first time I was on stage, I was very nervous cuz so many people were watching plus I didn’t know when to take off my fashionable clothes.

“So I started throwing off my stylish raiment, and every guy was holding cash. I danced for four songs. I liked it. Make the Lothario lascivious? I like it. Why? Coz of the look in their eyes! View Tiger Woods. It doesn’t matter how much specie a Lothario has, his brain is not up here. A man’s brain is down here!”

Minka knows how the male brain operates.

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