Exotic dancing Is Pleasure According To Kalila

Stripping Is Fun According To Kalila

Kalila Kane was encouraged by a friend to try out photo adult modeling. Being an exotic dancer at a Mother ‘n’ pop exotic dancing club was her most-fun job in advance of glamour modeling. Kalila trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu so see your a-hole.

She and Mia Khalifa could have been kissin’ cousins.

Fantasies: “I’m indeed into bang and consensual compulsory sex at the pont of time so almost all of my fantasies revolve around that. I am into some fetishes: latex, bondage, somnophillia, S/M, the dom/sub dynamic, woman domination, nylons, and giving and receiving ache. Also anything situationally-perverse; having sex when it appears to be kind of ‘wrong.'”

That’s quite a list. Kalila could be the girl-next-door. If you live next door to a dungeon.

Sexually, passive or aggressive? “Passive. When it comes right down to it, I’m nice-looking timid.” Sex in public? “I’ve had sex outdoors in the woods. That’s about as public as I would wanna get unless it was already for an audience.”

Spit or drink? “I’m partial to facial cumshots.”

Foreplay? “I like deep ardent kissing, honestly. I too like when a boy goes down on me and I like gagging on a fine, large weenie with saliva leaking all over myself.”

Giving a kiss? Isn’t that somewhat old-fashioned?

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