Stranded Angel

Stranded Angel

Gal Wicky is stranded in a bad part of city. Now what kind of bastard would abandon this sweet dish, who likes to snicker and relish and only says priceless things about everybody?

Fortunately, a white knight drives by and stops. This dude knows a damsel in distress when this chap sees her, and who wouldn’t brake for this curvacious and big boobed beauty? Goddess has been rescued. She invites her knight to coffee. They skip a cafe and head back to his place. (This way they must the bed faster. Got to see Hotty exposed without waiting also lengthy.)

Always an assertive angel with smooth moves, giggly, pleased Beauty sees Mr. Pleased trying to escape white knight’s pants the way Angel’s bigger than standard mangos always try to escape her blouses and bras. That babe reaches out, widens his fly and shakes his pop-up. Batty to award her fresh buddy and gain a F.W.B. (ally with benefits), Ms. Wicky smokes his pipe to begin the fire going, then strips to show him what heroes receive when they save an goddess. They acquire an mind blowing afternoon of wild and steamy sex.

“I love being on top because I am a very masterful person,” Gal told SCORE. That’s the 1st position she acquires into on the sofa, balancing on her high heels. “And I adore missionary with the arse up. That is two paramount positions where I can easily play with my clit, get maximum penetration plus stimulate my G-spot and the front side of my snatch. When I’m with a lad, or boyz, I do what I want and how I want.

“Everyone likes to copulate my meatballs and I love it when lads do that. I am glad I have my large zeppelins, and they look so good on photos and movie scenes when a buck is rogering ’em. In this episode, Dennis is rogering my love muffins when this buck cums just from rubbing my mangos and it was very gripping to me.”

The moral of this story is always rescue a stranded hotty, especially if her last name is Wicky.

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