“Stick What Up My Wazoo?”

Competent dickslinger Mr. Largo passes by the SCORE dressing room and sees a pair of hawt legs that go up all the way and make an absolute butt without themselves. A very priceless ass. The gal is bent over, adjusting her very high heels. Who is it? “Oh shit, that’s Stephanie Stalls,” Mr. Largo says to himself. “I drilled her the final time this babe was here.” This fellow did really in the SCORE machine shop in Tool Time Beauty! “I remember her being wild. That babe can’t live without all kinda freaky stuff. Know what? I bet this babe has no idea I’m banging her this day in an anal scene.” Ah, the boring life of a hired stud. Largo walks over to Stephanie and gives her wazoo a worthwhile smack. Stephanie spins around and says “Who the hell…?” Then recognizes Largo. They hug it out and Largo gives her a spin, complimenting Stephanie on her super-busty exotic dancer body. “Wait a minute. Am I banging you today?” that babe asks him with a puzzled look. Resembles the discussion is plan to turn to Largo’s above-average jock. “Why don’t u let me watch it?” Love he’s intend to say no? The camera’s rolling. Juan pulls his firehose with out his fly and Stephanie squats in front of him. She palms it and marvels at how large it’s, comparing it to her forearm. A wide smile and a look of happiness crosses her lips. “That is so humongous,” this babe gushes. Can this babe take it all? “Sure,” Stephanie says. “But 1st you are intend to have to lube me up with a anal intercourse.” Stephanie sits back in the make-up chair and takes off her knickers. “Look what I have for u,” says Largo, waving a bigger than run of the mill rubber dildo as greater than average as his own meat-thermometer. Stephanie widens her legs wide and Largo sticks the fake schlong into her anal opening, opening it up. Stephanie likes that. She now can’t live out of toys and ramrods in her arse. Do not forget she did her first anal movie at SCORELAND. Now she is into getting ass-fucked. It’s opened up a “hole” fresh world of sensation to her. Stephanie‘s opened and willing now from her gazoo exercise. She’s not gonna acquire more ready than now. That dude escorts her to the bedroom and begins warming her up by sucking on her nipps, squeezing, fondling and screwing her immense mammaries, and fingering both holes with one hand. She’s way hawt to be butt-drilled now. A girl doesn’t acquire more willing than now. How in the hell is Stephanie intend to get his thick, lengthy junk all the way inside her constricted tush? This dude did not piston her badunkadunk last time, just her luscious slit. Seeing is believing. And at not time forget. Stephanie Stalls is not a sex object. Whenever there is a chance for hot sex, Stephanie not at all objects.

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