Short For Sigrid

Short For Sigrid

“This year it was incredibly unyielding to pick the glamour models for the awards. They are all so hawt! For V-mag Newcomer of the Year, I chose Siri. From head to toe, this babe is smokin’!” wrote L.H.

“Classic natural, titanic, gracious scones and this babe unveils anything plus does hardcore,” added G.G.

“I am married,” SCORE and V-mag contest candidate Siri said. “My hubby and I are swinging couples. But I’ve been in open relationships and very experimental for years. From the time I was Nineteen, I dated hotties. I dated sweethearts exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I avoided go out with hotties and I went throughout my doxy phase where I was bewitched with men. I suppose that every hotty goes throughout a bimbo phase.”

And now she’s a SCORE and V-mag covergirl and a Big-Boob porno star.

Ten or 15 years agone, almost all models didn’t disclose their marital or domestic status. If a glamour model was married or had a spouse, they usually kept it to themselves to preserve the dream. Many dudes saw the adult models as their dream angels or accessible, the kind of angel they’d like to have as a girlfriend or even marry. But you cant marry a goddess who’s already married. Times have changed. The Net is responsible for a bigger in size than typical part of this. Linsey Dawn’s well-publicized marriage in 2000 also changed the playing field. Some glamour models openly discuss their relationships, and everything else, on various websites. This day, being known as a wife, or the wife of a browser or member, comes across as concupiscent. (Especially in the SEXY HOUSEWIFE league where it’s basically a given that a glamour model is attached.) And almost all lads wish to know it all now. A glamour model not being single doesn’t bother them.

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