Fastened For a Ride

Tied For a Ride

Sheridan Adore becomes a big-breasted kinkster when she’s tied for a ride with rock hard dude Carlos Rios. Sheridan’s in for a surprise when Carlos tells her to close her eyes and proceeds to tie her to a chair, then to the bed, and has his way with her. We asked Sheridan about her flirting with sex, slavery and discipline.

SCORELAND: Sheridan, what aroused you most intensely about this experience?

Sheridan: I loved being fastened. The fact anybody else is in whole control makes me so sexy!

SCORELAND: What turned u on majority, the restraint or the male domination?

Sheridan: One as well as the other!

SCORELAND: Do u practice any thraldom sex at home? Do u go to BDSM disrobe clubs?

Sheridan: I do not go to clubs and I have attempted only light thraldom.

SCORELAND: What do u adore about it?

Sheridan: I love being at the compassion of someone else. Not knowing what they plan on doing. The anticipation.

SCORELAND: What are your S&M limitations?

Sheridan: I’m not sure yet. I had lots of joy doing this and would love to experience more of this. I wonder what the fans will say after they watch it.

SCORELAND: Do u adore to tie up angels and have sex with ’em?

Sheridan: I haven’t had the chance but I guess it would be enjoyment! I would love to make a goddess wiggle with anticipation.

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