That babe Wore A Yellow Swimsuit

She Wore A Yellow Bikini

Hitomi is looking marvelous as always in her teeny swimsuit in a Mexican vacation spot. When you think about it, those SCORE discharges are like vacations for the models. Paid vacations at that. What do the boys say about Hitomi? “Congratulations on the most-gorgeous Hitomi. I’ve always loved the Oriental look, but they usually don’t have the bra-busters to justify a SCORE appearance. Now Hitomi has rectified this with a enchanting face and full body.” “I was plan to cancel my subscription but not after Hitomi. I thought I’d at not time watch this piece of exotic perfection grace the SCORE domain. Fantastic job, boys! Hitomi is a dominatrix-bitch.” “When the animators who draw all these king-size titted manga gals need inspiration, I guess it’s pretty clear who they can look to! Hitomi is like a breasty anime gal come to life!” “Hitomi‘s mellons are adore bombshells or torpedoes. Just glamorous. And her monumental areolae. I just like them. Okay, they could be slightly darker, but still, this, for me, is the closest one gets to lady perfection.”

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