After-Party Sex Party

After-Party Sex Party

Big-titted Sharon Pink was planning to go out. Do some clubbing. Hit a hardly any intimate parties. Dance. Have a miniature in number cocktails and maybe a late night snack. She dresses to kill, picking out her tightest petticoat and her tightest button-down blouse. She’ll murder the men tonight. She’ll have her own after-party party later when that babe picks up a smooth operator and either goes to his place or comes back to her hotel. An after-party sex party.

But Sharon’s after-party sex party plans are intend to happen sooner than later. Horndog Klein has shown up. This guy is drilled Sharon in advance of and knows her well. Banged her valuable but that’s not the point. This chab sees Sharon getting clothed up, sees her big boobs proudly thrust forward and his compass just now points north. It bears a resemblance to that sex party is happening right now instead of after.

Klein begins to paw her but Sharon slaps his hand away. Do not bonk with a Czech hottie. Klein can’t take no for an answer and proceeds his close encountering. That charmer knows how to press Sharon’s on-button. His hands do their work and Sharon caves in. In a flash, he’s got her blouse and underneath garment off and is engulfing on her nipps. Has the appearance of Sharon’s night out will be belated on account of banging. The deal is clinched when this chab acquires her skirt and knickers off, lays her on the daybed and tongues her pierced pink pie adore that buck hasn’t eaten in a week. That drives Sharon nutty. The way to her heart is through her muff.

Sharon repays the favor by swallowing his wienerwurst and then tit-fucking it. Now Sharon’s warmed up. Her nightlife can expect. Now this babe urges to copulate and receive rogered. This babe expects Klein to pound her until she cums. There is no worries about that. That lady-killer is hawt to feed her need for man-seed. After they the one and the other cum, and this babe throws him out, she can resume her plans and go out to party down. She will not need to acquire rogered later. Or maybe she’ll be lewd one time more and desire some other meat-thermometer in an after-party sex party. Sharon Pink has no problem getting banged. But that is one more story.

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