“I Love Toys & Boys”

Apprentice Savannah Stevens is a 22-year-old Texan with large things ahead of her. If she had her way, she’d not at all wear any clothing and just run around without a stitch. And, since this babe loves tons of sex, Savannah’s picked the lifestyle for her. We had the impression that Savannah was a cheerleader in school. This babe has the look.

Savannah not ever wears a brassiere. “My hooters look and feel great with out one. Plus it is stiff to detect my size. I love yoga and kick-boxing. I’ll wear a sports bra when I’m working out. It keeps ’em in,” says Savannah. Absolutely. Who wishes to see a girl’s bigger than average wobblers pop with out her top when she is at the Fitness Centre?

“I have a petite in number toys at home. I suppose it’s important for a angel to know her special spots so this babe can come even harder with a husband. Unfathomable penetration actually gets my G-spot. I can take over two feet of rod. You’d never expect it since I am so petite!”

2 feet of 10-Pounder? The Masters & Johnson clinic would be very interested in that.

Welcome aboard, Savannah Stevens.

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