A Sandra Star Sandwich

A Sandra Star Sandwich

The great Sandra Star is the kooky fascinating heart in the midst of this sex sandwich as SCORELAND‘s trio specific continues. This is a championship sex event. The opening of this scene follows the tradition of CMNF, or “clothed males exposed females.” As their triangle of fuck moves from sofa to floor to ottoman, everyone winds up undressed.

We talked to Sandra after this wild scene.

SCORE: Do u look at your own movies?
Sandra: No, but I love when people tell me they enjoyed watching ’em.

SCORE: How should a skirt chaser behave to earn your admiration?
Sandra: This charmer should be honest and polite.

SCORE: Have u ever danced bare or topless? Is this of any interest to you?
Sandra: No, I never have. I don’t have the interest to do that.

SCORE: U are very slim and fit. Do you workout at a fitness center?
Sandra: Yes. I try to work out on a regular basis. Sometimes males talk to me and the others are definitely looking at me. I see them looking.

SCORE: What kind of exercises do you like to do?
Sandra: I use the cross-trainer or lift weights.

SCORE: What makes u laugh?
Sandra: I chuckle a lot. It is often ‘cuz I savour my time.

SCORE: Do car shoulder belts fit you comfortably?
Sandra: Yeah, no problems with that.

SCORE: Have your bosoms ever fallen out of your top in public?
Sandra: One or two times it nearly happened.

SCORE: Do you visit bare beaches or resorts?
Sandra: No, I visit beaches and resorts but not of that kind.

SCORE: Thank you, Sandra.
Sandra: My pleasure.

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