All For The Breast

All For The Breast

Samantha Lily is a very busy goddess juggling a lot and this babe has her hands full. Even so, Samantha had time for a SCORELAND Q&A called “Getting to know u.”

SCORE: How do other women react to you in person? Do they ask u questions about your love muffins?

Samantha: Certainly they do. 1st of all, they think that my wobblers are not natural. After they watch me, they begin to whisper and chuckle. But after talking with me about my wobblers, their attitude changes and they become normal.

SCORE: When you are not webcamming or studying veterinary science, what do you love to do on a free afternoon?

Samantha: When I’ve free time, I cook. My day schedule is very replete. I’ve to study, cam, cook, clean my apartment and do some photo discharges cuz people are beginning to buy my custom photos.

SCORE: What countries do you want to visit?

Samantha: My list is China, Norway, France, Spain, THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, Italy, Australia, Africa, India, UK, Japan, Canada and Indonesia.

SCORE: Do u know any other adult models with your size titties?

Samantha: Sure, I know. There’re so many glamorous models with my undergarment size in your web site!

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