Sally Office administrator

Sally Secretary

When Sally D’Angelo was here at SCORELAND, that babe pitched in as a Personal Assistant. Well, not really, but it’s the thought that counts. Sally came (numerous times, in fact) clothed as an Easter bunny when she strolled through the door. That was more mind boggling than coffee in the morning to jumpstart the day.

Sally is the kind of female who wears skimpy, cleavage-revealing outfits that display miles of leg and this babe is at no time out of her fuck-me heels. This babe stepped out of the car that way. No wonder this babe makes Florida her home.

Sally and her partner-in-crime Rita Daniels have been setting up tables at each large adult convention in the States. They make quite a high sex-energy couple. If you’ve viewed Sally’s threesomes with Rita at, you know how hawt they are.

Dave asked Sally how she keeps her snatch so constricted. (She has mammoth, angel-wing pink flaps.) “It’s exercise. You must do the Kegel exercise. And when I screw I make sure to squeeze my vagina. That helps to keep it constricted. But I workout, too.”

Sally is either in some lap dancer outfit or she’s naked. “I like to be as exposed as possible all the time. The less captivating clothes I’ve on, the more excellent. I walk around the house in nature’s garb in high heels, likewise. My spouse can’t live out of it. He’s a little perv. That is why we fit. You know what they say, dirty minds think alike.”

The flawless office assistant? Completely.

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