Roxi, Bitch hotty of Gazongas

Roxi, Dominant-bitch of Gazongas

The lesson here is to always help a woman in distress, especially if that babe wears an F-cup or bigger undergarment. There might be a vast award if u do. The great Roxi Red wears a KK-cup. Even more reason to lend her a hand or 2.

When Roxi struggles to bring a enormous box containing her bras into her place, this lad in her neighborhood offers to assist her. If he thinks this box is enormous, await until he lifts her stupendous bazookas and risks straining his biceps.

Roxi checks him out and gives a decision to have some fun. That babe gives him her breast test to see how receptive he’s to a quickie. Happy with his slavish worshipping of her humongous, sensitive tits, Roxi gives a decision she could use a ramrod break and guides him to the sofa so this babe can bury his face betwixt her enormous jugs and engulf his schlong…for starters.

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