Diamond Angel

Diamond Girl

“I relish the very basic activities of life,” Roxanne Diamond says. “I love to talk walks in the forest, listen to music, read books and poetry and write poetry. I’m interested in alternative healing and lifestyles. I don’t engage in the fast life of meaningless and empty pursuits.”

“I didn’t think about glamour modeling and then I met Joana. I learned how renowned she’s and she’s a wonderful friend now. She encouraged me to try this. I respect her life philosophy and attitude. She’s more spiritual than people know.”

“I’m not sure what turns me on most,” writes Rhah1. “Your astounding body? Your teasing little smile? Or your fun loving personality. U are the consummate package!”

What does Roxanne adore so much about sexy modeling?

“I relish the freedom and the sexual feelings. The body is a handsome thing and nakedness should not be considered incorrect and vicious. We are all born stripped. I hope we can one day accept that we are sexual beings and have natures that should be expressed without fear and shame. Honeys should be allowed to have fun masturbation and sex with other people without society’s humiliation.”

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