New Discovery

New Discovery

“As far as pointer sisters, I’m not afraid to go with out wearing a below garment,” says Fresh Discovery, new SCORE WILF and Big-Boob Mama Red Gal. (And Red does have blazing red hair.) “I love to be hawt but not over-the-top. I try to keep it chic but hawt. I don’t ever want to personify the hooker look. I don’t wanna wear enormous makeup or wear a shirt that is cut down so low that my bouncy bosoms are stripped, but I’ll wear hawt short shorts and little wedge heels. My sexy reservoir top with a brassiere or no bra. I merely dictate bras online.”

What does Red adore to do?

“I play tennis and I hike. I view football and I’m a Denver Broncos and San Francisco 49ers fan. I cook, bake and like to go to the beach. I wanna try skydiving one day.”

99 with out 100 models say they crave to try skydiving. What’s up with that? Or should we say, what’s down with that?

The curvy Californian (originally from Nebraska) has always gotten a lot of attention.

“Anything I wear appears to be to emphasize those bad beauties. I catch both chaps and hotty’s checking me out. I don’t mind it at all. In fact, I identify it flattering.”

Welcome, Red Chick.

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