Pop Your Cork With Minka

Pop Your Cork With Minka

Minka is very adept at cork popping. That babe can make any cork pop. When this babe is done getting her mega-boobed body soaked, she tries on some different swimsuits. Constant tennis playing keeps her physique swimsuit fit, putting 20somethings to shame. Her trademark bush shoves throughout her slingshot swim suit bottoms, a sight that drives pussy paramours crazy.

SCORELAND: So when do u think u are plan to shoot again?

MINKA: Whenever u urge. Whenever my fans want. U lads call and I’ll come back again.

SCORELAND: U do a lot of work around your house in Las Vegas. How’s your garden?

MINKA: I do a lot of pottering about in the garden. I grow hawt peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes.

SCORELAND: What else do u do?

MINKA: I take care of my dog. Clean the house. I have been busy. Mostly, I play tennis. That’s how I am in such valuable shape after adult modeling for so long. The people say, ‘Minka, why do u still look so worthwhile?’ I tell ’em because I keep in shape and too ‘coz I have the preeminent titties.

SCORELAND: And you still have the almost any magnificant, pointiest nipps….

MINKA: Yeah! Number one!

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