Pitching Hay

Pitching Hay

Welcome to Codi Vore‘s 30K Ranch. Codi loves to pitch hay and take fun breaks. The ranch workers are always avid to lend her a stable hand. They’d all like to horse around with the pretty, buxom blond.

“I’m very resigned,” Codi told. “In camming, sometimes I adore to play dominating roles coz I reenact what I want from a slavemaster, and I feel love I’ve a worthy clutch of that mindset. You know, what subs desire. But in the bedroom, I usually let the smooth operator have all the control. That is how I adore to do it.”

Where does Codi stand with having sex on a 1st date?

“As a kid, I was told that chaps merely urge one thing. But not quite each chap I have had sex with fell in love with me afterwards. Sex is an important component to any relationship and you should inspect sooner than later if you’re compatible in the bedroom.”

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