Paola Rios Chesty Chica Part TWO

Paola Rios Chesty Chica Part 2

It’s day two of Chesty Chica Paola Rios’ travel to Buenos Aries, Argentina, a town that inspires sweethearts to walk around their homes in nature’s garb. Our SCORE staffer Karla wakes Paola up and discovers that Paola loves to sleep undressed. “I adore to feel my skin,” confesses Paola, curled up stripped. “I relish sleeping stripped. It makes me feel free.”

Paola goes to the washroom to speed her waking-up process. Brushing her teeth, she spreads her face hole and a gigantic glob of paste hits her large boob. Paola rinses it off and shaves her legs. With out the washroom with silky smooth legs, Paola tries on her sweaters and blouses to watch what she urges to wear for the day. There is no thing a breast-lover likes more valuable than to see a stacked goddess put on and take off her handsome clothing. So basic yet so bone-stiffening. Paola tries on numerous pullovers and it is obvious that that babe knows how to buy the right kind of tops for her E-cups.

Paola said that in high school her male and lady schoolmates always asked her 2 questions: Are they real and did she do everything to acquire them so precious and greater than standard? That babe says that she just won the lottery.

Now it’s time to man juice her chest. Fondelling lotion all over her body receives Paola worked up. Previous to this babe dresses and leaves the abode, Paola needs to burn off some carnal energy. This babe acquires back into couch and lets her fingers do their magic.

Eventually Paola will acquire clothed and do some sightseeing in this historic and raunchy town. That’s coming up in Part 3 of of the SCORE DVD Chesty Chica.

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