Baby oil! Oil! Oil!

Oil! Baby oil! Greasy oil!

All parties have to end, and to wrap up this spectacular eight-girl party in the tropics, Sha, Codi, Demmy, Alexya, Kitty, Daria, Helen and Erin hit the beach in their bikinis, racing through the sand and surf. Their large mangos bounce and shake as they run and jump in the bustiest beach party of ’em all.

Peeling off their bikinis, the beauties run to the pool and dive in for more group play. They oil every other and get touchy-feely, making their voluptuous bodies shine in the tropical sun. Their North Coast pool party is interrupted by Dave, calling with an announcement for the final time from The SCORE Group offices in Miami.

“Girls, that was great, and I truly enjoyed your little oiling reveal! Yes, I was watching. And I am glad to announce that we’ve a winner…or winners. Yes, I told winners. U angels are all so great, you’re all winners! “

The gals jump back into the pool, celebrating as a group, a united nations of big busted superstars. They’ll pretty soon be leaving this paradise for their home countries but their friendships will proceed.

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