Nurse Kianna Will Drain You Dry Now

Nurse Kianna Will Drain U Dry Now

Nurse Kianna enters your hospital room. She’s very comforting in her two piece nurse’s uniform with matching garters. It sure beats her curves overspread by ugly scrubs. Her hot voice is too very comforting. Maybe this babe can do what the doctors can’t do. “Hello, darling,” that babe purrs like a kitten in chase of spunk. “I hear you are not feeling also well. Let me examine you.” This heavenly gal of mercy puts on a stethoscope and checks u out. “I don’t acquire also many patients love u. I’ll need to give u my peculiar treatment. Would you love to try a particular treatment?” What did u do to rate a nurse adore this? Do u know someone? This babe checks your blood pressure with the cuff. This babe says it’s wonderful. Maybe she’s the reason your pressure has gone up. It seems love it’s skyrocketed since that babe strolled into the room. “Maybe I would more fine check your pressure somewhere else,” Kianna purrs. And when Kianna says that, she has one thing in mind solely. She attaches the cuff to your balls and rod and pumps the bulb. “Seems okay, likewise,” this babe reports and lowers her head to engulf the shaft. “Maybe I would better expose u my large bazookas too.” She removes the cuff and receives to healing with her talented mouth and tongue. No wonder she’s called the head nurse! No one can match her oral fun treatment. This babe has the suction force of a vacuum cleaner. Semen sampling is her specialty. This is only one part of the treatment on your road to recovery. Previous to you blow your load of hawt sex cream down her throat face-fucking her, move on to the next step. Banging her funbags and taut aperture is some other of her prescribed methods of treatment. Nurses are such worthwhile screws and that babe is the superlatively worthwhile nurse in the building. U may desire to consider moving into this hospital permanently or as long as she’s working there. Hospital heaven must be missing a unfathomable throat goddess. Make sure the doctor doesn’t release u also early. Your nurse will be back for one more cum drainage by the time your nuts recuperate.

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