The World According To Nikki

The World According To Nikki

It would be very simple to spend all day betwixt Nikki Smith’s 38H milk cans but then there is the rest of her to explore. Her Mommy is a 40 something magazine star, 48-year-old blond Barbie Banks. Interesting family to spend time with. Any cousins we should know about?

Girl-next-door with humongous knockers, Nikki is outgoing and amicable.

“I truly watch lots of three-some porn. It’s adore the most priceless of both worlds. U have the penetration, you have the precious pecker, but u still have impressive cuties going down on each other. How much more fantastic does it acquire, actually?”

“I definitely go for confident-not cocky-guys. I hate ballsy men. Arrogance drives me barmy. I like a clean-cut guy, someone who looks very simple. I don’t go for everything likewise over the top. A smooth operator who can look worthy in plain jeans and a T-shirt is sexy.”

“I like lads to be a little more dominating. I do most like ’em to make the 1st move. But if I really want it, and I really wanna engulf his 10-Pounder, and he’s not doing anything about it eventually I will rip his trousers off and take control. Sometimes it’s love, ‘Hello! Are we plan to kiss forever? Let us do smth!'”

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