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Aurora Rose is a Brit living in Los Angeles. She’s why LA is called the “City of Beauties.” Aurora saw SCORE while searching through Google. The next thing this babe did was ring us up. LA has fine hills. Aurora has nicer hills as those images prove. We relish that kind of landscape photography.

“Being English, I often get asked which football team I support,” said Aurora. “I never had a much loved team and only view football during the World Cup. I am especially a fan of Wayne Rooney, who plays for Manchester United, just cuz I discover him rather intriguing. I do adore to look at TV footage of marathons as I ran the Fresh York City Marathon in 2012, wearing four sports bras at the same time, and identify the stories of people oozing very endearing.”

The SCORE crew is interested in World Cups but not of the soccer kind. We’re more intrigued with asking girls if they were the bustiest hotty in school than with Wayne Rooney. So that’s what we asked Aurora.

“There were a few angels at school that had big milk cans,” Aurora replied. “There get to have been smth in the custard pudding.”

It appears like Aurora had that pudding daily.

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