More Heavenly Meatballs

More Heavenly Hooters

Cutie Gee is a slight city goddess…with a big city chest.

Originally from Littleton, Fresh Hampshire, Beauty likes everything about having large tits and teasing the shit with out lads.

“Everybody knows me,” Beauty says. “I always go braless. If I go out and it is a style of shirt where I need to wear a undergarment, I do, but other than that, if I wear a reservoir top, I do not wear a below garment ‘coz they stay up on their own. And then my piercings brandish through whatever I am wearing. I love that! It gets lots of attention.

“I adore tank tops and tight tops. If I wear a V-neck shirt so I’m showing deep cleavage, I wear a push-up brassiere so I can flaunt plenty of cleavage, and they’re truly out there! I like little jean skirts with tank tops or fitted jeans with a little, constricted baby T. Or if I go out-out, like dressy, kinda casual-looking. I’ll wear a button-down shirt that is open to my abdomen button with a bra so my mammaries are up there and the center of attention, and anything else is just admirable and fitted. But my fullsome funbags are on show. They’re always on reveal.”

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