Minka’s 1st Photo discharge

Minka's First Photo Shoot

This military uniform discharge was the 1st photo-shoot Minka discharged for her initial debut in SCORE. The edition’s coverdate was December 1994 and Minka was the covergirl. This was a breakthrough issue in a few ways. Big bust magazines were hesitant about putting an Oriental goddess on their covers. SCORE had no hesitation.

Minka remembers that time. “When my girlfriend showed me the magazine, I saw the telephone number and that is what I called. I sent three Polaroid images. Next, one of the owners and the chief photographer John Graham got the pics. This gent called my house and told, ‘An airplane ticket is plan to be at your house in one or 2 days. I desire you to come to Great Britain.’ That is it. So I went to Great Britain. And this lady-killer took a test picture and told I’d be on the cover, and then this lady-killer said that I would be a feature dancer. In all the photos, I had a natural smile on my face. And it was intend to be the first time an Oriental cutie was on the cover. That was very important to me.”

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