The 44KK Sexperience

The 44KK Sexperience

That number, 44KK, is the cup size of Minka’s bra, as u know–important information to keep in mind as we have pleasure this presentation. The location where the fotos were discharged is different from the episode location and Minka and her stunt pecker screw on a daybed instead of on a bed but the breast-sex act is the main event. And with Minka, breast-sex is a completely unique experience.

Carlos has banged tons of chicks at SCORE (Daphne Rosen may be his biggest-breasted conquest up to now) but this charmer is not at all gone one-on-one with the world’s #1 Asian big busted fantasy hotty. This fellow is in for a real treat and a challenge.

As in the episode, Minka appears to be more sexually confident, more confident of her erection-producing powers, adore a super-heroine minus the spandex tights. Is her hyper-horny take-no-prisoner attitude one more by-product of her intensive tennis workouts back home?

Minka snarls and flaunts her teeth as Carlos licks her in nature’s garb super-boobs and really guides his head with her hand in a very controlling way. And there is a challenging, come-fuck-me light in her eyes that is stronger and bolder than it ever was. This is a different side of Minka with a hornier and more sexually aggressive, less pliant attitude.

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