Fetish Female-dominator

Fetish Woman

Minka wears a corset, areola clamps and heels in this unconventional glamour photoshoot. That babe is holding a tonfa, an Asian martial arts weapon that some American police departments are issued instead of the average billy exotic dancing club. That babe disrobes off to completely nudity and screws her pussy with a giant Doc Johnson toy which is not used by any police departments.

Minka was deeply tanned when this layout was shot and the contrast betwixt her brown skin and her white titties and bikini bottom lines is very dramatic. Minka’s hair is a light brown and wavy instead of her usual black and str8.

With her sleek, bronzed body, bikini-lines and mega-boobs, Minka bears a resemblance to a Duncan Gutteridge or Otis Sweat painting. This photo-shoot is a first for Scoreland, presenting Minka as a bitch girl.

Around this time, Minka wrote on her site Minkaxxx.com about a vacation she took in Rome. “I was wearing a low cut top for dinner with about nine inches of breast valley showing, and on the way out after dinner everybody avoided eating and talking when I got up to leave and stared with their face holes open as I strided past the other tables. As I strided down the stairs, the piano player and the violinist were so stunned that they stopped playing and looked. The people at the bar got quiet and stared.” Even jaded Romans are speechless in her presence.

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