The Art Of The Lapdance

The Art Of The Lapdance

Large Boob Finishing School domme Michelle Bond believes that ravishing chaps requires a great deal of study and training. This babe includes exotic dance instruction in her manual, “The Paramount Guide To Enjoyable Chaps.”

Michelle is gonna educate Israeli sweater-sweller Eden Mor in the art of lap dancing.

“Perhaps u are wondering why you’re clothed the way you’re,” Michelle asks Eden. “You are clothed the way you are because all chaps love strippers, and no thing turns a buck on more than having his girlfriend or wife dance for him.”

Michelle brandishes Eden the right way to give a gent a gogo dance. That babe acquires fully undressed and gives Eden a sensuous dance. “Now I crave u to give me a gogo dance.” Michelle sits in a chair and waits for Eden.

Eden disrobes off to dance in her undressed magnificence, copying Michelle’s moves. During the dance, slutty Michelle feels Eden up love a boy would at a disrobe club. “How did I do at it?” Eden asks when this babe is done. “I do not know how any guy could resist you.” Michelle replies and they kiss.

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