Knocked Up

Knocked Up

If you were to list some of the SCORE or V-mag glamour models you’d predict would A) receive pregnant and B) pose preggy, who would u list? Would blond Czech cupcake Melissa Mandlikova be on that list?

Melissa contacted one of our photographers with the news that that babe was knocked-up, SCORE asked her about posing. At first somewhat hesitant (Melissa was always the relatively coyness type since 2006 when this babe 1st started exposed modeling for SCORE), Melissa thought about it and decided to let the other shoe drop, so to speak.

Melissa is six months pregnant in this photo widen and accompanying clip. The fair-skinned blond dish now carries a colossal belly bump, her bigger in size than typical mambos are bigger and her once-pale areolae are a deep, brunette hair, the color of Columbian coffee, as her hormones flood her body and produce more pigment, a natural part of the pregnancy cycle.

There is some other Melissa clip and photo-shoot and it will be published next month at SCORELAND. Thank’s, Melissa Mandlikova!

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