May Is Bustin’ Out

May Is Bustin' Out

Meet greenhorn May West. You’ll adore every natural inch of her and to top it off, May has that hard-to-find full bush in this era of clean-shaven love tunnels.

Classic episode buffs know Mae West as the legendary sex symbol of 1930s Hollywood. “May is my great-grandmother’s name and this babe was kind of a bad-ass, so I decided to take her name, and Mae West is a sex symbol, so it all
came together,” May explained.

“In my relationships, I’m the one who usually begins sex coz I have a higher sex drive than most of my partners, but it can go both ways, depending on the partner.

“Of things to do, masturbation is in my top five. Eating, sleeping, going for a walk, masturbating and taking bathroom. I definitely use toys in my personal play. I adore dildos. I likewise sometimes use paddles and ram, and for play with other people I have tons of SADOMASOCHISM toys.”

Our kind of goddess. Any lad would be glad to come up and watch May sometime.

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