Slaver Piece of A-hole

Master Piece of Ass

“I tend to wear little, very short shorts and little reservoir tops,” Morgan Leigh said about how she dresses on any given day.

“I’ve been observed out in little bathing suit bottoms and a reservoir top or soever. Smth just little. Something that I can catch the sun in.

“You know, little people with bigger than standard wobblers like to wear high heels for some strange reason. And I think when a gal with bigger in size than average bra buddies wears high heels, it pokes her mammaries out even farther. You know how high heels make a woman’s legs look more priceless? I suppose they make her boobs look more precious, too.

“Guys will stare and smile and chortle with me. They won’t say mean things. Women are the ones who can be not so good about it. They seem to be jealous, or they’ll just chuckle. The dudes are nicer to deal with when I’m out in public.”

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