Breastfest In Sofa

Breastfest In Bed

A Special: It is each breast-man’s urge. His deepest desire. His ultimate goal. To be woken up by a super-busty hottie, with or with out breakfast, and get himself a morning delight to satisfy his morning wood. Such is the case brought to bouncing and shaking reality when one smooth operator is served “Breastfest In Bed” by one of the bustiest gals SCORE and Voluptuous has the joy of training their cameras on: Maserati! There’s merely one thing we don’t acquire about Maserati. This babe says she’s attracted to chaps who do not pay attention to her right away or even ignore her. Chaps who look like a challenge to her and are probably pretending to be a challenge. Maserati is a walking Big-Boob moist fantasy when this babe appears to awaken her bonk buddy with a tray loaded with bananas, whipped ball cream, strawberries, and especially these humongous brown boobs so meant to engulf and screw before plunging into her juicy wet muff. Maserati: The breakfast and the breastfest of champions! So, if you ever spot Maserati and get the chance to pretend you’re not interested in her, go for it. You may receive that breastfest breakfast in sofa too.

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