“In School, I Had Larger Milk shakes Than Any Teacher”

Our next question for Marie Leone is: “What have been your top two carnal experiences?”

“Number-one was when me and my then-boyfriend spent our first Valentine’s Day by plan to an adult book store. It turned out to have a gloryhole and, well, let me just say that I got a mouthful!”

“My number-two was at a swinger couples club. I had at not time been with a lady before that night but that didn’t stop me and my fiancé from going down on this very sexy and hawt redheaded cougar woman that everybody called Robbin. Robbin, thank’s for popping my cherry and for singing us a tune with your worthy screams.”

What’s the funniest pick-up line a guy ever attempted on Marie?

“Actually no boy has ever attempted a pick-up line on me. They just stare at my hooters.”

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