Stud Vs. Hooters

Man Vs. Boobs

We’ve yet to see any photo or episode with Lana Ivans that wasn’t hotter than a taco straight with out a Mexican cantina. Lana, the busty little Romanian lady-killer SCORE discovered, turned out to be one of the hottest angels of the final five years. U not at any time know which way the wind blows when a fresh model arrives. Will she fly solo and stay that way? Will this babe glamour model for a bit and then drop out of sight? Will this babe try a real sex scene with a fellow? U can not predict by a sexy accent or a glint in the eyes. There’s at no time a clear scene of the future until it happens. With Lana, the heat waves radiating off her body can dry a damp T-shirt in 2 minutes. Dressed in a skimpy two-piece that’s adore a second skin, Lana follows the scent of meat on a sexy grill to the pool area where this babe finds Mr. Largo cooking weiners on the veranda. It’s not the scent of cooked meat Lana smells or craves. Chef Rams-her urges to feed Lana a taste of the grilled weiner this fellow has prepared but Lana urges his intimate weiner with hawt nut sauce. Largo doesn’t must tweet Lana a photo a la weiner to get the party started. She’ll be grilling his sausage in a cooking demonstration that is way also overcooked to air on a TV food channel. They have no reservations about cooking with wazoo. What Lana Ivans desires, she acquires and do not you forget it. Bon appé-tit!

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