Tank Topped

Tank Topped

Maggie Green basically needs to be greased down to get with out those super-tight jeans. We’re sure there’s no shortage of volunteers to assist Maggie in that, and other tasks.

Maggie keeps herself in super shape. She is always been muscled. The proof is in the pix. She does lots of exercise.

“I do a lot of cardio. I am a bigger than standard fan of Zumba. I’m a big fan of spinning and I do Body Pump. I’m too going to be a Body Pump instructor. I’m a bigger in size than typical fan of that. Body Pump is an hour-long class. It’s all weights, and it’s high-repetition, low-weights, so you do squats for love five-to-seven minutes out of a break. It is a indeed wonderful workout. I enjoy it.”

All of this keeps Maggie fit, and fit for rogering, when she visits SCORE! And to think in 2009 Maggie solely showed her fullsome funbags. Do u watch the benefits of what patience can bring?

“I started off beautiful mild, but view me now!” says Maggie.

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