Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

Hashtag #LizaBiggsAnal

An epic scene with Liza Biggs is the name of the game at SCORELAND. Liza is one of the great discoveries of the year. The real deal. It is all here in this rencounter. Breast play, succulent BJs, hot canoodling positions, anal fucking and a large nut for Liza’s face and massive natural billibongs. It’s hard cock at first sight of this damp lass. Go Biggs or go home, we say.

“If I’m having sex, I am kind of aggressive,” says Liza. “I’m physical. So I’ll pull him towards me, force his hawt outfit off, give instructs and if this fellow can pursue, I can do what this ladies man wishes. Then u can tell me what you desire. Describe it to me.”

“I do not think I’ve ever come close to suffocating anyone. There have been lads who have asked me to just put them on their faces. But they adore it. They’ll want me to shake ’em in their face, shove them into their face. I acquire motor-boated a lot. I use them to jerk them off, too. That’s smth a lot of guys adore.”

“I know I’m wonderful in bed. Everyone I am with keeps coming back. Sometimes even if I do not urge ’em to. Unlike women, who can kind of fake their way throughout it, chaps kind of cant.”

She is hip, she’s sexy, this babe is happening. She’s Liza Biggs.

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