Potty Over Madison

Mad Over Madison

“Guys just always shout things about my mambos like, ‘Hey, greater than average billibongs!’ Lily Madison told. “That’s about it. Not at all everything likewise imaginative. I suppose if a skirt chaser ever told everything imaginative, he’d probably receive my attention.

If we just yelled “Hey, large billibongs!” we’d not at any time acquire any models. So what should a smooth operator do to gain Lily’s attention?

“Well, he probably shouldn’t try to put his face in my bouncy bosoms, which has happened before. Men have told, ‘Can I put my face in your bazookas?’ They shouldn’t do that. If u can make me chortle, u have a chance. I like boys with a admirable sense of humor.”

Lily calls herself a cupcake junkie and a full time nerd. If this is what a nerd bears a resemblance to, we’ve to initiate drooping out at Mensa meetings to detect new adult models.

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