Hookin’ It

Hookin' It

Lavish Styles bears a resemblance to pop diva Rihanna. Except Lavish is a pop shot diva which is more valuable. We do not know if Lavish has the pipes to sing adore Rihanna but this babe has the pipes to suck a rock hard man’s meat-bone. And suck it all the way down her face hole.

Her greater than typical love muffins, rogering talents and deep-throating skills give more adept hookers a dash for their specie. Lavish’s sleazy mack daddy lines up a sucker and takes a deposit on her precious bawdy cleft which will be paid in full once Lavish arrives at the sucker’s motel. When we meet Lavish, that babe is just finishing up some business in the ladies room. It is a very spruce introduction. Her player phones Lavish and employs his average business motivational technique which is talking at an audio volume slightly less than a jumbo jet taking off. But Lavish’s slit is primo and that babe knows it. She takes no crap from a pimp’s rap.

“I got into the game ’cause I love money and I love dick, in that command. My name is Lavish because I adore the finer things in life. Pay me well and you’ll receive the finest screw specie can buy.” When Lavish flaunts up, that babe gives her trick a little body show first to let him know what his money will be buying. Her shaggy vagina intrigues him. He is not seen many strumpets with a bush. Lavish kneels before him and takes his bigger in size than typical prick in her throat to stiffen it for deposit into her money-hole.

The show is about to start! Take a walk on the seamy side of city where the pussycats roam.

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